Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where the Hell Have You Been?

Yeah, I know. It's the pattern of a blogger sometimes. Try to stay on top of posts, and you really do try and really are committed, but - -

Anyway, I'm back. Trying to get into the pattern of writing these blogs again.

Just some updates might be the best way to start...

1. I'm getting ready now - at a coffee shop in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago - for a performance, a reading at Stage 773 for the storytelling series "Here's the Story."

2. Been involved with a number of the reading/storytelling events - Story Club, This Much is True, Essay Fiesta. Wonderful stuff!

3. New short-short story collection is out - AFTER OPIUM. Kindle version now; paperback soon to come. Please check it out...

4. I'm involved in a great new storytelling venture called "Cowbird." The website - - is a small group - although international - of storytellers. Check it out. It's a beautiful site.

5. I have to run - to get to Stage 773. I'm going to try super hard to stay on top of his blog. :)