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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello all.

This is the beginning of this writer's new venture - a regular author's blog. And your chance to respond, comment, question, and write! Certainly, I would love to hear from those who have read my book - Accidental Lessons - or have read or heard my other works. But I'm also interested in you and your stories. A true blog should be a conversation and that is why you are so welcomed into this process.

I will be writing regular updates, but the blog doesn't resonate or engage unless you take part. I encourage you to write a few words about the creative process, writing, teaching, football, music, love, hate, war, poverty, health care - anything that strikes you, because all of it is part of the human condition, and all of it is worthy of a story. We all have stories to tell - little ones, big ones, medium-sized ones - and they are all welcome here. In fact, I would encourage telling your stories and sharing your writing. Writing is a wonderful art, but we need readers to make it work, right?

Thanks for contributing!

David W. Berner

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